October 21, 2012 Posted by admin in News

Team Tieu SMTC - Results

By Nopstar It was great to see so many muay thai fans come out and support a local show.  The community is small, and it's really important to show your support.  Many thanks to Philip and the rest of the Team Tieu, for putting on such a great show, and letting us take part in it. We always look forward to our matches with Team Tieu, as we know the bouts will be technical and hard fought.  Our First match up of the evening was Aled Jones vs. Daniel Simon (Team Tieu) 77KG.  It was a close fight, with a lot of clinch work.  Daniel landing some very nice scoring knees while in the clinch.   Towards the end of the 3rd round, Aled caught Daniel with a nice flurry of hand combinations, but Daniel was able to recover.  It was a close fight with Daniel taking the decision.  Hopefully these two fighters will have an opportunity for a rematch.
      Our second fight of the evening with Adrian Crookendale vs. Richard Lee.  Both fighters came out testing each other... Richard displayed some very nice footwork and timing as he looked for opportunities to get inside Adrians reach, and land some of his big left hooks.  Richard found some success in the clinch.  Adrian landing some nice strong kicks and attempted a few leaping knees that we close landing.  In the end, Adrian was able to utilise his superior reach and fight at range.
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