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Singdayt Muay Thai

West London's Premier Muay Thai Gym

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Welcome to Sindayt Muay Thai, West London's premier Muay Thai camp.

Singdayt Muay Thai is Muay Thai gym based in London's Shepherds Bush neighbourhood. Classes are open to all levels, please check our schedule and drop in for a visit.

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December 6, 20125 years ago

4 Week Introductory Courses 2013

  • Learn all the basics of Muay Thai
  • Step-by-step safe and effective coaching
  • Small groups
  • Entry to general classes
  • Build confidence, knowledge & fitness for Muay Thai
To book your place or more information please contact
December 1, 20125 years ago

Weekly Technique Videos

In addition to training nak muay, Coach Damon and Coach Martin put out a weekly muay thai technique video, called the muay thai minute, aimed at the intermediate nak muay. There are over 50 videos and growing, and  have been viewed nearly 260,000 times.  Follow the link to view all the Muay Thai Techniques.
October 25, 20125 years ago

Ajarn Tony Moore Krabi Krabong Seminar

Come along to this double seminar and learn the Thai martial arts of Muay Boran (Ancient Boxing) & Krabbi Krabong Read more
October 21, 20125 years ago

Team Tieu SMTC - Results

By Nopstar It was great to see so many muay thai fans come out and support a local show.   Read more
October 12, 20125 years ago


Aled Jones (Singdayt) vs Daniel Simon (Team Tieu) Read more

October 4, 20125 years ago


Aled Jones (Singdayt) vs Adrian Skalik Read more