Showdown 2 - Liverpool

Adrian Crookendale (Singdayt) vs Carlos Virinis (Skem Thai)  60kgs C-class

Adrian put on a great performance in true "Singdayt Style" winning on points against a very tough Carlos Virinis. Both fighters showed great skills and have a bright future in the sport. Dan Bombusa (Singdayt) vs Ryan McCormick (The Pit) 70kgs B-class

This bout started very fast with a couple of hard exchanges from both fighters. Dan was caught with a shot early and was unable to continue. Singdayt would like to congratulate Ryan McCormick and his team for their win. Adrian, Dan and the team at Sindayt would like to say a big thank you to all the supporters and especially Allen Kaufman of Fortitudo Muay Thai for looking after us and making us feel very welcome in Liverpool.
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